Ten Things Highly Effective Teachers Do (Part II)

In Part I, to recap, I listed the first five of ten things highly effective teachers do:

  1. Being Positive
  2. Encourage Discussion
  3. Never Hold a Grudge
  4. Feedback is Key
  5. Value & Encourage Parent/Guardian Involvement

Part one of this blog was written before I knew we would be fighting a virus worldwide. Now that parents are at home with their children everywhere, the message of this blog is now not only for the educators in the classroom, but for the parents at home, as well. Now, on to Part II…

Here are the second five of ten ways highly effective teachers keep their class interested and engaged in learning:

  1. Make Learning Active – Finding ways in which students can be actively engaged in their learning, leads to more impactful takeaways. We now know that it’s more than just listening or watching that give us a firm grasp on how to do something. Actually trying it out for yourself, you are more likely to get it and remember it!
  2. Advocate – For yourself, your students, for families, for supplies, for services, for training, etc. Teachers are busy people, and need to remember it’s ok to be your own advocate. Like putting your oxygen mask on first in an airplane. The most important thing you have to remember is to take care of yourself.
  3. Be Resourceful – In this unprecedented time, while we are all asked to stay home, thinking outside of the box is a must more than ever as we navigate new waters together. Be creative, reach out!
  4. Get Uncomfortable – Teachers and parents lead by example, whether trying to or not. Students learn that it’s okay to be uncomfortable trying new things when you show them it’s okay. Projects, options, innovations.
  5. Encourage Life Long Learning – Having hobbies, passions, and learning new things all benefit the teacher and students! Benefits are endless.

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