The Power of Public Education

I believe in the power of public education! Having attended public school in California, earning a Master’s Degree in Education, and then choosing to teach in a public school classroom in Nevada, this says a lot.

No matter where you come from, or who you are public schools have a critical role to play in ensuring that you are prepared: prepared for college, prepared for work, prepared for a successful life. Across the nation there are millions of children waiting for an opportunity to realize their potential, and many find it in the classroom: through a caring teacher who takes the time, through practice and experience, through trial and error, through self-learning and discovery.

Meanwhile, our schools and our students are struggling to keep up with an ever changing world. Public school employee turnover is way too high, as teachers leave depressed and overwhelmed in their first few years when they were supposed to be the most excited. Many employers are increasingly struggling to fill job openings because there’s a lack of qualified applicants. Simultaneously the growing divide in economic opportunity is tearing at the fabric of our society. Sadly, we now question the likelihood of whether the next generation will do better than their parents did.

Students And Teachers Need To Be Heard

Over the last hundred years, nearly everything has changed yet our school systems look and function the same pretty much as they did when our parents and grandparents attended. Whether we see it from the point of you of the young people attending school, or from the point of view of the betterment of our great Nation, we need to be bold and creative as we look to the future.

When a teacher supported, and curriculum is aligned, and class sizes are manageable, and the environment is healthy, then students can thrive in public school as they develop into valuable productive contributing members of society. Businesses then have a great selection of employees and opportunities for success increase.

Across the nation, Nevada has been at the top of the wrong lists in education and at the bottom of the right lists in education for way too long! Public schools can and need to be once again a safe haven, a productive interesting learning environment, and effective means of raising our children to be happy, independent, and successful adults.

Public education has the power to change lives. Public education has the power to encourage, to inspire, to guide and to help make our great country believe in the American Dream once again.

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