Why We Need to Elect Professional Educators to Run the School Board of Trustees

Did you know that historically the CCSD Board of Trustees, which manages the fifth largest school district in the nation, has been run by business people and non-educators, not professional educators? Did you know that it is impossible for a public school teacher to be on the Board of Trustees unless the teacher quits their job? The CCSD Board of Trustees is a policy making board that provides oversight to the Superintendent. Each individual Trustee is responsible for the schools, educators, staff, and students in their respective district. Citizens often complain about our schools being 49th in funding and 35th in student achievement. Let’s do something different. Let’s elect Professional Educators to the CCSD Board of Trustees!

Imagine how inefficient and unsafe a medical board or dental board not run by qualified physicians or dentists would be? Imagine CCSD being managed by caring, highly qualified, experienced, and licensed Educators? You don’t have to imagine it… you can achieve it with your vote!

Our community deserves excellence, not mediocrity. Our children deserve a safe place where they can thrive. Our educators and support staff deserve respect for what they do. Our children, and our children’s children should be confident as their education prepares them for success in life for generations to come!

As every modern teacher knows, and right now since we’re at home, every parent is getting to know; that teaching is so much more than just lecturing and grading papers. Teaching has become a juggling act, with something always in the air. Standardized testing has risen to the top of the priority list as opposed to learning. We now see that test results account for how our schools receive funding. How teachers are evaluated. How our children learn. This coupled with data collecting, meetings, new programs, new curriculum, constant changes in standards, and a myriad of other things that seem to change on a regular basis, has resulted in very little time for teachers to spend on the art of teaching and perfecting lessons.

With experienced educators actually running our policy-making CCSD Board, we can save money and time. Difficult decisions are made by the board. Decisions that have a lasting effect on our community for years. We currently have millions of dollars in unfunded mandates, without a plan to pay them. This is stressful for all involved, from the CCSD Board to parents. Short term-thinking has kept our school district from rising to the top. Our teachers, support staff, and most especially our children deserve a safe place to thrive in. Together we can make it happen!

We have real problems in our school district. In classrooms throughout the valley, we have students without enough desks or books in overcrowded classes. Schools in dire need of repair. New schools needed where new homes have been built. Students lacking food at home. School safety (both physically and emotionally), a lack of respect, a need for accountability, and eliminating discrimination should be the Board’s focus. If you elect me, I promise to keep you informed of not only the issues, but of the solutions. As an educator, it is in my blood to break confusing topics down and to teach and to lead. I have been a North Las Vegas resident for over 20 years. I will do everything in my power to ensure the best learning conditions for our children, the best working conditions for educators and staff, and the safest learning environment possible.

Unlike some who have run for or have been elected Trustee, I am not just trying to be an elected official. I’m not a politician. I’m a Professional Educator who wants excellence for Trustee District C! I will use my authority to help create a common vision for the future and success of our Public School System, bringing my 20+ years of experience to the Board of Trustees. I will improve communication between CCSD and the Community. I will work with our different political branches, communicate with builders and local businesses, and do the work necessary. Your voice matters!

Please mail in and cast your vote to help ensure a better, brighter future in District C and Nevada!

Copyright © Barbara A. Dreyer
Candidate for CCSD Board of Trustees, District C

Barbara A. Dreyer, M.Ed. is a former public school teacher who is running to serve on the CCSD Board of Trustees for Trustee District C. The current Trustee, Dr. Linda Young, is term limited and cannot run for re-election… The Editors

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