I am committed to making District C the best District in the Clark County School District. My goals;

  1. Lower class sizes: It has been proven time and time again, that smaller class sizes improve a child’s education. I am committed to actively working to reduce class sizes for our children.
  2. Eliminate discrimination: Our children have a right to learn in an environment free of discrimination and bias. I will work to identify and eliminate bias in our schools.
  3. Accountability: Parents and citizens deserve to know how their hard earned money is being spent on education. If I am elected, I will work to ensure that your money is spent wisely and efficiently. As your elected representative on the Board of Trustees, I will hold the Superintendent and educational leaders accountable for their duties.
  4. Safety: When parents send their children to our schools, they expect their children to be safe. I am committed to ensuring that students and staff have a safe environment.
  5. Capital Improvement: We need more schools in our community. We need newer schools. I will work with our respective City Councils, County Commission, and Nevada Legislature to improve our education infrastructure.
  6. Reduce reliance on testing: Children learn from quality instruction as opposed to over testing. I will work to reduce the overreliance on testing.
  7. Collaboration: As your Trustee, I will work with all levels of government to ensure that our District schools receive the best treatment and respect.
  8. Community and Business Involvement: I will work with community and business leaders to ensure that our students have access to opportunities and are ready to embark on a productive future whether that is in a skilled trade or college.
  9. Innovation: We must have schools that utilize innovative educational concepts to educate our children.
  10. Respect: An environment of dignity and respect must be practiced in our community schools. No staff member, student or parent should ever feel that they are being disrespected and disparaged. I am committed to ensuring that respect is paramount in our professional relationships.